Chocolate Factory "De Beemster" B.V.

Welcome to the website of Chocolate Factory "DE BEEMSTER" B.V.

Chocolate Factory "DE BEEMSTER" B.V. combines the finest Belgian chocolate with nuts, peanuts, crispy, fruits and other delicious ingredients into high quality products.

We deliver these products both in bulk and in consumer packaging to wholesalers, distributors and retail organisations in Europe.

This website is intended as an introduction. We hope reading this will encourage you to contact us, so we can develop a personal relationship.


Jos and Edith Klijnsma & team

Our products

The qualified and experienced team of Chocolate Factory "DE BEEMSTER" B.V. is producing chocolate coated nuts, peanuts, crispy and fruits. In addition, DE BEEMSTER is producing rocks and clusters of chocolate, nuts and fruits, such as muesli clusters, peanut cluster, crispy cluster and coconut clusters.

Chocolate Factory "DE BEEMSTER" B.V. does not produce chocolate, but is using real Belgian chocolate to produce delicious chocolate peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, raisins and dates. And many other products, as you can see in the product list. The chocolate is delivered regularly by tanker trucks. The nuts and fruits come from around the world. DE BEEMSTER has its own roasting equipment, where nuts and peanuts are dry roasted before they are coated with chocolate.

For storage of nuts or fruit, DE BEEMSTER has opposite of its factory a modern, fully conditioned warehouse. Raw materials are stored under optimum conditions of temperature and humidity treatment.


Chocolate Factory "DE BEEMSTER" B.V. is using different Belgian chocolates like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dark-milk chocolate, white chocolate and white yoghurt flavoured chocolate.
For large customers, DE BEEMSTER is producing special products like with caramel chocolate.

Our chocolate comes from Belgium, from the well-known plant of Barry Callebaut, with whom we have done business since the start of our company. The chocolate is produced to our own special recipe.

Most products are, (after covering them with a layer of chocolate), coated with a glossy finish, but it is also possible to choose a different finish. We produce f.i. almonds coated with cinnamon powder, with a fine layer of cocoa (truffle) or a layer of powdered sugar. But we also make it marbled like tiramisu. Or stracciatella. White chocolate with bits of dark chocolate.

Apart from our product range as shown in the overview we do more. We also are coating products from other manufacturers with chocolate. For some clients we do this already for many years.
Cookies, liquorice, candy, you name it. We coat it for you.

About us

Chocolate Factory "DE BEEMSTER" B.V. was founded in 1964 by Piet and Tien Klijnsma. Initially in a shed behind their home and with machines that were developed by Piet Klijnsma himself. In 1991 we relocated to a new building at the industrial site of Middenbeemster, which has been expanded several times.

The machines have been updated and expanded. Thus, DE BEEMSTER replaced all panning kettles by the most modern PLC controlled coating machines over the last years.

Since 1991, "DE BEEMSTER" is led by general manager Jos Klijnsma and his sister Edith as deputy director. With a team of experienced professionals, most of whom have been working at DE BEEMSTER for many years, they make the best chocolate products. Often for customers who already do business with DE BEEMSTER for decades.
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