The products that are made by Chocolate Factory "DE BEEMSTER" B.V. meet the highest standards. To ensure this DE BEEMSTER is maintaining high standards for all commodities and for materials that are required for production.

Products are sourced from carefully selected suppliers, often long-term relationships are built with reliable partners. Supply of raw materials is always accompanied by appropriate documentation of analyses, showing that all requirements and standards are met.

Customers today want full assurance that products and production methods meet high quality standards. Chocolate Factory "DE BEEMSTER" B.V. has therefore reviewed its business in accordance with the standards of the IFS (International Food Standard) and is fully certified IFS. Therefore customers have the assurance that the purchased products meet the highest standards for food safety. The factory, personnel and production processes are reviewed annually by the IFS standards. 

DE BEEMSTER does not keep stock of finished products. Everything is produced to order for you and so fresh. If necessary, your order can be produced in the short term, because customer service, partnership and flexibility are the basis for the success of DE BEEMSTER

The products have a guaranteed shelf life of six months, provided that products are transported and stored under the right conditions. We recommend storage at 16° to 18° Celsius, light and high humidity should be avoided.

Where can you find our products?

Our customers are wholesalers of fruits, nuts and sweets, but also importers, distributors and retailers. Both in the Netherlands and in other European countries.

You can find our products on the market, in cheese shop, the specialised shops for nuts, the candy shop and in the supermarket. But also in gifts and Christmas hampers. We don't distribute under our own brand, but deliver under the brand name of our clients. Whatever the customer wants.

Once a year, late January, you will find us with our products at the International Süsswaren Messe (ISM) in Cologne. Here the whole world meets. Thirty-two thousand trade visitors from 140 countries.
But if you want to add our products to your assortment, you do not have to wait until January. In our reception area in Middenbeemster we have many products displayed. An appointment is quickly made.

IFS certified

For the IFS Certificate  - Click here for the PDF 

FairTrade certified

We also produce Fairtrade chocolate, this is on special request and per order, at specific conditions. Please ask our sales department.

For the FairTrade Certificate  -  Click here for the PDF

Rainforest Alliance Mass Balance

We also produce chocolate which is made from Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa, this is on special request and per order, at specific conditions. Please ask our sales department.

For the Rainforest Alliance Mass Balance Certificate  - Click here for PDF

Please visit the website of the Rainforest Alliance: https://www.rainforest-alliance.org

General terms and conditions of sale

For the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE  -  Click here for the PDF 

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